New Sexy Muse model: Danielle Teal – a Playboy, Maxim and several motorcycle racing shows veteran.

Danielle Teal by Rocke for
Danielle Teal by Rocke for
Danielle Teal by Rocke for

When you first see our new Sexy Muse model Danielle Teal, you may think OMG, another super beautiful model with a nice set of lingerie or a glamorous bikini revealing her perfect body.

But when you get to know her, you will find that she has many interests including theater and performance, dance, exercise, sports, and motor sports. She even mentioned that her favorite recreational activity is supporting the boys in AMA Road racing.  Danielle has been featured in Playboy several times, she was even titled “Employee of the Month” by  Playboy Magazine (print edition). 

No wonder she is being the host of CyclespaceTV and is lucky enough to travel the country covering the pro road racing season. She loves ‘chillin out’, just being one of the guys and watching a good FALCONS game. I love when she describes her hobbies as “motorsports, trying to ride, pretending to snowboard”

Beauty, brain, talent and a great personality! What else can you ask for????

Danielle Teal byRocke Danielle Teal byRocke 2



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