New SexyMuse model: Italian Beauty Lola La Ren (A Soccer Fan!)

Lola La Ren by Rocke for
Lola La Ren by Rocke for
Lola La Ren by Rocke for

Soccer is one of the biggest sports all around the globe. But in America the situation is different. This got me thinking how can we fix that? How can we make Americans watch more ‘Futbol’?  I think we found our answer.

Our newest SexyMuse model, Italian descendant Lola La Ren (Playboy, Teasum up, BLABLA among others) is going to show you how hot and sexy this sport can be. Italy is known by its food and its soccer.

Italian women are sexy, exotic and incredibly beautiful, and here we have Lola who is no exception. With a combination of her Hot bikini body, lingerie and a soccer ball, we’ll hope to have you kicking in no time!

sexymuse by rocke Helaina sexymuse by rocke Helaina



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