New SexyMuse Model: Michelle Roberson, the way to make fitness look hot and sexy

Written by Rocke on July 27th, 2009
Michelle by Rocke for

Michelle by Rocke for

When you get a nice lingerie set on a rocking body like this one, right away you’ll understand the fascination men and women have with images like these. I bet these are some of the pictures that people put on their mirror or lockers to use as motivation to lose weight and stay fit.

sexymuse by rocke Michelle R sexymuse by rocke Michelle R

But you want to know the best part? Her hotness and beauty are inside and out. I wish you could have the chance to meet her. And you know what? Maybe you will, so stay tuned!!!



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  1. StevenH says:

    I’d tame a tiger in a telephone booth just to here her fart on a walkie talkie…

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