SexyMuse Model Jess Ica: Yes, she’s back :)

Written by Rocke on March 28th, 2011
Jess Ica by Rocke for

Jess Ica by Rocke for

SexyMuse model Jess Ica is one of those special people that exist in this world. She has created hr own world and live in it; she can care less of what anybody think, a very authentic and hot model.

I have worked with Jess Ica in several opportunities, and every time I do, it’s like working with a new model (a very good one btw). She is fun, sexy and work very hard; the kind of model that makes your work easy.

So here she is to close our month of March 2011, bringing her amazing hair and perfect skin for us the dreamers.


SexyMuse by Rocke Jess Ica 3282011 1 SexyMuse by Rocke Jess Ica 3282011 2



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  2. Alan Valerio says:

    Wow she’s so hot and sexy <3
    You got a very nice a** 😉

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