How can we start 2018 off right from day 1???? Let’s try something that will last the whole year :)

Some people say that to have a great year, you have to start the year with the best. Well, just in case, we are starting this year with one of the best models out there: Kitty (IG: @nekochan939).

By now you should know that I am always looking for models that not only impact my eyes, but that also impact my brain, models that drive some sort of inspiration in me, way beyond the point of beauty.

This year I got lucky and I have the pleasure to start my publications on SexyMuse with an Amazing model from Madison, Wisconsin. When you think of Madison, you probably think of the fact that this is consistently named as one of the best places to live or think about one the largest farmer’s markets in the Midwest (eight blocks of pure freshness) or if you are on the healthy side, the fact that Madison is A Biker’s Dream.

Kitty definitely hit a home run in all the departments when it comes to having the kind of beauty, attitude and “it” that makes photography such a pleasure. So from now on, you can add to that Wisconsin list that this place is also a photographers dream, and you have Kitty to blame for all that! 🙂


SexyMuse by Rocke Kitty 01062017 1 SexyMuse by Rocke Kitty 01062017 2


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