Good luck is when opportunity meets preparation… or when you get to meet this amazing model!!!!

The essence of the model I look to shoot for SexyMuse, are those models who can inspire you, those models where you can see way more than the outside beauty and hunger for gold. Somebody that can bring the artist vein in you. I am always looking for a muse, a real Muse.

Sometimes your luck is not there, and you just have to move on. Other times, you find somebody that barely make it there, but is good….ish.

Now, there are a few times when you get really lucky and everything aligned perfectly for that BUM! and there it is. That person you’ve been waiting for a long time, all of the sudden is right there, right in front of your lens.

I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s like magic. Your lense smile, your camera tremble with excitement and for a short period of time, you know you are the luckiest human alive!

But enough about me, lol. Who is this creature of inspiration and beauty? Our newest SexyMuse, Emily Cole, came down from the photographer’s heaven and landed in Chicago, where she shares her art and beauty with another bunch of lucky mortals while making it a thriving career in a wide variety of modeling genres.

Hopefully sooner rather than later, my passion and her art would meet again. For now, enjoy the following images, after all, sharing is caring. Sharing sounds better than bragging, right? LOL 😉

SexyMuse by Rocke Emily Cole 01062017 1 SexyMuse by Rocke Emily Cole 01062017 2


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