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SexyMuse Workshop
SexyMuse Workshop
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>> What will be covered?
This is your opportunity to learn lighting and posing techniques and understand how to bring all together to create the best possible image. Workshop will give participants instructions in the use of various studio lighting equipment options for those studio events, and the use of natural lighting for the outdoor events (cruise included)

>> Who should attend?
1) Beginner/mid photographers that wants to improve their lighting technique
2) Photographers who are not too familiar with studio lighting and
3) Photographers looking to start and/or continue a career in glamour photography.
*Professionals Photographers are welcome to attend. The quality of the models and locations would make your participation well worth it.

>> How many photographers will be participating?
We are purposely keeping this event to a modest size of 9 to 12 photographers per day, to allow freedom of shooting and Q&A throughout the workshop (A minimum of 6 photographers is necessary for the event to take place).

>> How many models will you have?
Each of the days there will be a minimum of three excellent models. You will have a chance to work with each one of them.

>> What is the flow of the workshop?
Generally, on each day, we start at 10am with a 1-hour instruction on lighting and posing. During this time, we will have a live model to demonstrate how each lighting setup affects the subject. This flow may change for outdoor events. Cruise would have a different itinerary.

Immediately after the instruction period you will star working directly with the models under the guidance and assistance of the instructor. This will give you an opportunity to put what you have learned to good use with the freedom of getting your questions answered throughout the workshop. You will be taking advantage of what is generally only offered in individual training sessions for a fraction of the cost!

After the general workshop time is over, you will have an opportunity for more private one-on-one shooting time with the model or models of your choosing (extra fees follow)

>> Fees
All payments can be made in cash or via paypal. Deposit will be required. Multiple payments can be arranged. After you fill out the registration form a paypal invoice will be sent to you.

These fees cover all costs of attending, materials, lunch and a promotional release from each model.

Additionally you may purchase post-workshop one-on-one time with individual models at the following rates:

$25/$35 for 30 minutes for Lingerie / Implied
$35/$45 for 30 minutes for Topless
$45/$55 for 30 minutes for glamour (up to Playboy)
$75 for 30 minutes for glamour (up to Penthouse / Spreads)
$90 for 30 minutes for glamour (up to Hustler (Penthouse + toys and g/g) / Spreads)

(1*) Some rates may change, book as soon as possible to secure your rate.
(2*) Each model will have different limitations.
(3*) During the day of the WS, a models could have limitation that does not allow her shoot a particular style. You will get your 1on1 money back is this is the case or the diference if you decided to shoot something else.
(4*) 1on1 is a transaction between the model and the participant, we only serve as facilitator and admin for the payments.

These fees include a promotional release. Any commercial releases for one-on-one sessions need to be negotiated with models prior to the workshop. Fees will include the use of studio, lighting equipment and props.

There will be a limited number private shoot spots each day so, while you can book the models directly after the workshop, it is best to set your booking in advance through us.

>> What should I bring?
Unless otherwise indicated, lighting equipment will be provided (strobe lights, soft boxes, reflectors, etc). Attendees should bring their own cameras, lenses (50-100mm range), and plenty of memory to shoot. Your camera should have adjustable speed and aperture as well as an external flash connector, either a hot shoe or PC plug.
These may change on each particular event. A list with suggestions would be send to each participant once your participation is confirmed.

>> Can I record/video the event?
No. A power point presentation will be provided to minimize your need of taking notes. All the material covered in the workshop is on the presentation, including a diagram of the lighting techniques and a posing guide. In addition to this, a behind the scenes video of the event will be created and all the participants will receive a copy on DVD few weeks after the workshop. By participating in the workshop you consent to being in the video.

>> Do you have a cancellation policy?
If you must cancel, you should do this 2 weeks before the day of the shot and your fee will be applied to a similar future Sexy Muse event less $25.00 processing fee and subject to availibility of spots. Cancelling one week before the event, will grant you only 50% of the WS. Any cancellation after that or not show, will make you loose 100% of the fees.
Minimum of 6 participants are required. If the number is not met 2 weeks before the workshop, it be canceled and refunds will be issued immediately.
Cruise, event out of the country or any outdoor event would follow different rules; these rules are indicated on your invoice before you make any payments.

>> Are there additional rules for the workshop?
Yes, but most of them are common sense:
1. Respect the model’s limits, in your communication and contact.
2. When doors are closed, do not enter the dressing rooms for any reason.
3. No video cameras are allowed.
4. Do not move lights without assistance from instructor or host.

Learn, get great images, and Have fun! While you are not required to provide images to the models, you should. If you promise to do so, follow through on your promises.

Do you have any further questions? Email us at or call 678-785-5271


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Register here

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