New SexyMuse Model Amy: Talking about Southern charm

Amy by Rocke for
Amy by Rocke for

It is amazing to me the number of people who ask me why do I shoot what I shoot. I am like ‘Hello!… have you seen the models I get to shoot with?’

For the few of you out there who still don’t see why, here is another example of the multiple reasons I love to do what I do.

SexyMuse model Amy is one of the many participants of the North Carolina casting call we had a few weeks ago. Talk about standing out!!!! She is not only obviously super hot, she is as fun and charismatic as you have never seen before.

She is definitely a Muse, somebody that can inspire you to keep shooting for hours and hours and never get tired of it. And as you can see in these images, she is super sexy; in summary the perfect SexyMuse!!!


SexyMuse by Rocke Amy 09052011 1 SexyMuse by Rocke Amy 09052011 2


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