New SexyMuse Model Juliette: A Hot BOMB with a Hispanic touch!

Juliette by Rocke for
Juliette by Rocke for

The other day I was dreaming that an amazing and very HOT model was cooking something for me.

Not only that, she was cooking something with an amazingly delicious smell and asked me “Quieres comida criolla?”; from rice and beans to empanadas, I spend most of the night enjoying this amazing festive of Puerto Rican food.

But enough about my dreams and fantasies, I don’t even know what made me think about that. For now, enjoy our newest SexyMuse model Juliette. She who’s got what it takes to be a top glam model and soon you’ll see her all over publications and the internet.

PS: Would you like to make pictures of Juliette yourself? This hot SexyMuse model is going to participate on our Photography Workshop – More info here. Check it out!!!


SexyMuse by Rocke Juliette 09262011 1 SexyMuse by Rocke Juliette 09262011 2


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