New SexyMuse Heather: When big things come in small packages.

Written by Rocke on October 17th, 2011
Heather by Rocke for

Heather by Rocke for

Standing at a mere 5’3″, Heather is further proof that big things really do come in small packages.

Hailing from Dunwoody, GA, this redheaded firecracker keeps her petite build in tip-top shape by playing competitive kickball twice a week, and has even been known to take Sundays off from work in order to cheer for her favorite NFL team, the Indianapolis Colts!

Gorgeous, feisty, AND an avid sports lover? She is, by far, every man’s dream… and for that, the perfect SexyMuse!!!


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  1. bobby says:

    She looks incredible! Nice find guys, just DAMN!

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