Box your way to a SexyMuse killer body!!!

Shelby by Rocke for
Shelby by Rocke for

Last Monday of January and maybe the last chance you would give to this stay healthy (crazy) idea.

So here we are with some more motivation; shadow boxing as an exercise is excellent and somehow less ‘boring’ that some others techniques. Just put the gloves on and imagine that your boss is in front of you telling you no raise this year: Hit up, now hit down, and go and hit up again, LOL

Shelby Blue is an amazing prove that exercise does wonder for your body; you can not ask a woman her age, but I bet you a lot (a lot) of girls out there would kill to have a figure like Shelby’s when they are no longer “teenagers”. The secret to all this: Perseverance!!!


SexyMuse by Rocke Shelby 01302012 1 SexyMuse by Rocke Shelby 01302012 2


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