SexyMuse Model Sally: Happy “alotofstuffhappeninginFebruary” day, starting the celebration with some Ink!

Sally by Rocke for
Sally by Rocke for

Black History month, Valentine’s Day, Lincoln’s Birthday, Presidents Day & Groundhog Day are some of the celebrations that take place in February.

Add all that to the 1st ever SexyMuse workshop featuring Ink, and you have a winner on the ‘celebrating a lot’ department. So to start this month out, we are bringing you Sally on a combination that shows Love and Ink, all in one set of images.

Ink is one of those things that you either love it or hate it, specially when it comes to Glamour and Beauty. Although the ‘standards’ have changed, there is still a lot of controversy on this Ink matter.

Sally is our newest SexyMuse model and the one with most ink on her body so far. Amazing and very talented girl, she help us to produce this Love/Hate images for you to decide if Ink is really Sexy after all.


SexyMuse by Rocke Sally 02062012 1 SexyMuse by Rocke Sally 02062012 2


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