NINPAR: Nudes in Nature a Photographer Artist Retreat

Rocke at NINPAR
Rocke at NINPAR

Seventy hours of fine art figure & glamour nude photography, stretching over four days, on 200 acres of beautiful river front farm land in Darlington, MD. Numerous, inexpensive, group shoots will be available in addition to the main feature of 70 hours of one-on-one shooting (although we assume most of you will want to sleep when it gets dark). Gates open at 2 PM on Friday, August 23rd and close at 12 Noon Monday, August 26th. Our target is 75 models (Last year we had 58 models) and 150 Photographers. As far as we know, this is the largest ever nude photo shoot with professional models in the Eastern United States. We want you to share in joy in making this happen, because we have gone out of our way to make sure that everything possible has been done to bring you beautiful, skillful, models at a fantastic shooting location.

I’ll be participating as an instructor at this NINPAR event. Here are some of my classes:

Back to the Basics
This is a class aimed to any new photographer as well to those that have been shooting for a while, but would like a refresh in one or two topics.
• Aperture
• Shutter Speed
• Exposure
• White balance ”
Duration: 60 minutes
Regular Cost $99 – NINPar Price – $35

Light The most important aspect of your photography. Learn what is it that makes one image ok and another one just great.
• Direction of the light
• Quality of light
• Metering lights for correct exposure (with and without a light meter)
• Controlling your light with modifiers for different moods
• Understand key light, fill light, hair light, etc.”
Duration: 60 minutes
Regular Cost $99 – NINPar Price – $35

After you have a good handle of light, this is the most important aspect on the creation of great images. Learn what to look for, better yet, learn how to apply this when you are photographing models
• Rule of Thirds
• Framing – Natural Frames
• Orientation (H vs. V)
• Lines
• Reflections
• Point of View
• Camera Position
• Color & Texture
• Cropping
• Lens Selection
• Focal Point / Selective
• Symmetry & Balance
• Fill the frame / Get Closer
• Simplicity
• Focus
• Brightest and sharpest in the photo
• Depth of Field
• Background/Foregrounds”
Duration: 90 minutes
Regular Cost $150 – NINPar Price – $50

Two is sexier than one
Learn the tips and tricks of shooting two models at once. Get ideas to add variety, creativity and a new set of poses to your portfolio. Glamour Model Kandie Justine ( & Playboy Model Tancy Marie (
* Participants of this class, would have an very special rate when booking these two models together while at NinPar
Duration: 60 minutes
Regular Cost $250 – NINPar Price – $65

Need a coach to stay with you all the way? Book a 1on1 and take a personal instructor to every one of your shoots
Regular Cost $80 p/h – NINPar Price – $30 p/h

Here is a link to register at NINPAR: HERE – NinPar (Nude in Nature)- Darlington, MD

And this is a link to sing up for my classes: HERE – SexyMuse Workshop @ NinPar

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