Jonah proves again that God blessed the Americas

Jonah by Rocke for
Jonah by Rocke for

If Christopher Columbus had known what delights awaited him on the far side of the Atlantic, SexyMuse thinks he would have sailed that ocean a lot sooner than 1492.

Take this week’s incredible model, for example: the sensationally statuesque Jonah from Georgia.

Southern belles are renowned for their impeccable manners and Jonah is no exception. Knowing that European settlers were not the first people to live in the Americas, she wanted to pay tribute to Native Americans this Columbus Day in the fantastic photo shoot you can check out below.

With girls like Jonah to offer, it’s easy to see why Georgia’s called the Peach State.

Christopher Columbus: SexyMuse salutes you for enabling us to share such beauty with the world!


SexyMuse by Rocke Jonah 10142013 1 SexyMuse by Rocke Jonah 10142013 2


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