We know where we want to be when the clock strikes midnight (SexyMuse…)

Kayti  by Rocke for SexyMuse.com
Kayti by Rocke for SexyMuse.com

Hard to believe that another year’s over—it just flew by for us here at SexyMuse in a whirlwind of luscious lips, beguiling eyes and curvaceous bodies. And we’ve saved one of 2013’s very best until just before the ball drops.

Meet the beautiful Kayti, who’s dressed appropriately for the party—and, like every considerate guest, she’s brought some very nice treats with her.

And look at that: she’s brought us some helium-filled balloons so we can impress her with our best Mickey Mouse impression. This lady thinks of everything.

Kayti hails from Atalla, Alabama and we sure are glad that she made the journey to SexyMuse HQ.

See out the year with a bang—when the balloons burst: what else did you think we meant…?—and check out Kayti’s gallery below.

Happy New Year from SexyMuse: wait until you see what we’ve got for you in 2014!


SexyMuse by Rocke Kayti  12302013 1 SexyMuse by Rocke Kayti  12302013 2


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