Geek Me! by SexyMuse

Nerd Me - Geek Me by
Nerd Me – Geek Me by

This is a theme I’ve been working for a little while. Nerdy / Geeky super HOT models that captivate us not only with their beauty, but also with their brains.

SexyMuse is all about Sexy, empowered women, that are confortable on her own skin. As crazy as it sounds, there is a myth that beautiful models are not very smart. I would have to disagree with that and tell you that these models are some of the smartest people I’ve got to know.

So get that amazing look that leave ou wishing, and add that to ‘the smarts’ and you got the perfect combination of Awwww my Gosh-eness =D


SexyMuse by Rocke Ashley Hart 04132015 1 SexyMuse by Rocke Ashley Hart 04132015 2


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