New Sexy Muse model: Kelly Bentley from Alabama to the world

A hot (and dangerous) combination of sexy, beauty and brains; this former Army paralegal specialist, with a degree in Political Science has been shooting and filming for the television show “Coyote Ugly”. She is definitely fun, out-going, and highly motivated.

Sexy Muse model Kelly is moving into sport and fitness modeling. Now we’ll need a better excuse when explaining to our other half why we are watching so much sport!!!

Here are a few of the hot images you’ll be able to enjoy at


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New Sexy Muse model: Angela from Orlando, FL

Angela is one of the beautiful models who will grace our website. This Sexy Muse from Orlando, FL is available for paid assignments with excellent but negotiable rates.
To list a few of her credits: In addition to being a former Rocke Photography model of the month; Angela was a Ring Girl for MMA FIGHT, a Maxim’s Home Town Hottie, and has worked for clients such as Starbucks and Go Daddy, among others.

Here are a few of the hot images you’ll be able to enjoy at

hot sexy muse by rocke: angela
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We have a name:

I felt like a parent trying to decide what to name a new baby. This project is my new baby, and I am going to work really hard for my baby to grow and become somebody very (very) famous and successful.

Finally, after much debating, researching, and a very nice survey, we have our final selection: Sexy Muse (

Here are the results of our name survey:



But, what does this name mean?

> Sexy
1. Highly appealing or interesting; attractive
2. Interesting, exciting, or trendy
> Muse
1. A source of inspiration.

2. A force or person, esp. a woman that inspires a creative artist [Greek Mousa a Muse]


For centuries, beautiful women have inspired the creation of literature and the arts. Music, paintings, sculptures, movies and more were created around beautiful women.

If we can get that muse, and add our “sexy” touch, we will have a source of inspiration for anybody (artist or not), and that’s my intention.

For years, I have observed the amazing reaction the beautiful models on my pictures created in others. This site aims to combine the mundane and the exotic into one source of inspiration for every single visitor.

I hope you enjoy it.

PS: As we would say in Venezuela “Para muestra un boton”